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Plants can help brighten up any home. Sizes can be varied to suit your needs. Below are some of our varieties.  The list at the right is our full stock.  We add a touch of color with some fresh flowers and a coordinating bow.  The variety of plants occasionally will differ from what is pictured.
Fresh Flowers
Single Plants
Wind Chimes
The Dishgarden Planters we normally have in stock are the following:

6" basket $24
7" basket $28
8" basket $35
9" basket $39
10" basket $45
11" basket $55
12" basket $65.50
14" basket $81.50

8" ceramic bowl $35.50
10"ceramic bowl $50

9" terracotta bowl $38
12" terracotta dish $42
14" terracotta dish $65

Houseplants in 7" Basket

Houseplants in 8" Basket

Plus Tax & Delivery​

Plus Tax & Delivery



Houseplants in 10" Basket

Houseplants in 11" Basket

Houseplants in 10"  Terracotta bowl

Houseplants in 12" Terracotta dish

Plus Tax & Delivery​

Plus Tax & Delivery

Plus Tax & Delivery

Plus Tax & Delivery





Single Plants

Best Seller

Schefflera/ Umbrella Floor plant

6", 8" or 10" Peace Lily

6" Ivy Plant

6" Ivy Plant with Birdhouse

Birdhouse and Ivy combo is one of our top sellers.  We can also put a 6" Peace Lily for a combo price of $55. Bird houses are with blue trim or naural brown.

This peace lily comes in 3 sizes, 6" for $308" for $45 and a large 10" for $60.  Please call to see which sizes we have in stock.

Plus Tax & Delivery

Plus Tax & Delivery​



Plus ax & Delivery​

Plus Tax & Delivery



Additional Plants - Special order

With 1 week advanced notice we can special order these plants from our supplier:​ *Plants may differ from picture.  Please call to inquire about these and other plant varieties.
Bulb Planters
​*Available from mid January through springtime.
Jade Plant
Aloe Vera Plant
Cyclamen Plant
Orchid Plant
Kalanchoe Plant
Holiday Cactus Plant